Friday, October 2, 2009

The Williwa Football Field Loop

I recently started working nights, and am still not sure of the best way to transition on and off the night I decided to try exhausting myself in the beginning of the day so I could sleep through the middle and then stay up all almost worked!

Frosty Boardwalks


My Shadow Never Ceases to Entertain Me!


The snow was a little deeper and more splotchy than I had anticipated...really beautiful and crisp up there right now...

The Football Field


Although I was short on time the pull of the Omalley waterfall was to hard to resist..I was so close I just had to go look. Things are definitely starting to form up right now, its very thin, with running water, but in another couple weeks if it stays cool I hope to go climbing instead of running up there!!!!

The Omalley Waterfall...(soon to be ice climb!)

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May we each inspire one another to achieve all we dream of..... said...

need a closer look at the waterfall!!! how is hatchers ice coming in????

Sherrie Soltis said...

yep no zoom on the i phone, but that white smear is definitely ice!!! No ice at all in hatchers...

Kellie said...

There's the Sherrie I know and love . . . I bet you'll be climbing ice in no time!!!