Thursday, October 15, 2009

Between the Clouds: Lost Lake

I was looking to get out for either a long day in the mountains or a long run...Meaghan had never done the Lost Lake trail before, and I have this need I guess to initiate people to the beauty up there...We dropped the car at the fire station and stuck out our thumbs hoping to get a quick ride to the trail head. I was shocked by how many people passed us, and to add insult actually waved as they went by....I didn't want to play waving games, I wanted a freaking ride...idiots!

I think though maybe fate was just waiting for Dan to come by in his massive blue pick up truck...because only with a truck like that were we able to drive, and not swim to the trail head. He was telling us how the there is a lake that builds back under the snow glacier and every two years like clockwork it lets loose and floods the river....I swear the water was at least 3-4 feet deep on the Primrose road...lucky for us we were in a big truck and he just cruised through it.

Meaghan and I


The Biggest Lost Lake


An Awesome Trail

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Although we made it above the fog, we never could quite escape the next cloud layer, it was stubbornly stuck to the mountains at about the 4000 foot level...but we could see the glaciers spilling to the bottom of the was very nice!


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