Monday, May 11, 2009

RC's Wall

I've been rock climbing more in the past month than I've done combined in the last three years...and I've only been out 5 times if that says anything! Rock climbing feels so tenuous to me, and therefor more scary. Its something I think that I need to do all the time in order to truly enjoy it, otherwise I just stay in this weak, pathetic, anxious state, and I only climb for fun, hence why I don't rock climb very often. But anything that gets me up in the mountains with beautiful views I'm amendable to...and this crag we've been going to fits the bill.

Mike on Route


Eagle Peak


Birch Forest



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ginnylynnpeterson said...

open invite to go on a rock climbing trip....amazing rock, amazing views, great company, live simply, fresh air, moutains.....leaving July 1st!


Yeoman said...

Is this that cliff on lookers left while heading back ER valley before Dew Mound?
I've heard there are routes over there. How are they?

Sherrie Soltis said...

Yep thats it Yeoman. There are two stellar routes up there, and two fun routes, and a couple routes that look really hard and I've never done. There is also a really awesome traverse if you like to boulder. Routes are still getting put up...go check it out, its a pretty walk with a nice view.