Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eklutna Traverse: Han's to Eklutna River

I don't know what time I really woke up the following morning, I thought that I had slept in till 12:22. I got up feeling refreshed, made coffee, got snow and made water and Lynn was still sleeping by 1:30. I'm not one to rush, but thought that we should get a start on the day. It was only when I was writing in the hut log and looked at my watch to decide the date that I realized something was up. My watch said that it was 11/23/07 and that it was now 2pm....hmmm. Lynn said she would look on her shuffle...It was May 23, and only 9:30 am...Ooops! : )

There is a huge wind scoop that separates the hut from the glacier. I wonder how many people have went to the edge thinking that they could easily reach the hut, only to find this in front of them...

The Big Wind Scoop


Despite my best attempt to sleep in and be leisurely we were back on the glacier by 11 am. We decided to ski down the hill to the glacier unroped...I tried to teach Lynn to side slip but she was tenacious with her snow plow maneuver.

Lynn on Ski's


Travel this day was fast and sweet. I have to say I love skiing downhill it makes the miles melt away and the views even sweeter.

Lynn with Peril Peak in the Background


Lenny the Lenticular

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Just past Pitchler's Perch the glacier turned from completely snow covered to patchy snow with ice poking through. The skiing got a little interesting and we started rolling over snow bridges...Eventually we took off our skis to make it around some difficult terrain.



Lynn Heading Down the Eklutna Glacier


Toe of the Eklutna Glacier



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Slideshow of Lynn and my pics


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