Monday, February 4, 2013

Caribou Creek

I met up with Bill, Carina and Todd and we all headed back Caribou creek together on Bill's snow-go.  Bill and I climbed what I like to call the Trifecta.  The one on the far left grew smaller and more mellow as we ended up being a single pitch of juicy grade favorite.

The Trifecta: Double Take Area

Bill got to lead the original double take, its seems just the same as it used to, steep.  I got the right climb, and it was great moderate ice.

Bill on the original Double Take

Carina on Double Take

Bill and I were both surprised that we finished all the climbs by about 2, still leaving lots of light in the day.  Carina and Todd came and climbed Double Take, then we all went down to the next climb.  I've never seen China wear in this big before, the top had some nice steep lines and was wide enough that we all climbed relatively at the same time.

China Wear

Beers and burgers at the long rifle lodge was a great end to the day.
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