Saturday, December 15, 2012

Eklutna Canyon

There is a sketchy log crossing Eklutna River, I didn't like the way it looked but Bill had already walked across and it was solid. I made it with no wet feet, but didn't really enjoy it.

I've never done the dry tool routes at the end of the canyon and have always wanted to. I got so flash pumped it was pathetic. Dry tooling is super hard. I was only half way up and already had hung on 2 bolts. I came down to let Bill have a go, I'd like to try again with a little better style.

Poor Ryan had to belay me, then Bill, but he was a pretty good sport.  Too bad he tore off a crucial hook at the bottom....maybe it won't be easier next time.

This route is really well bolted but I just couldn't get my gumption up to keep going.

Bill cruised the bottom section but didn't make the top section look very easy,  when I did it on top rope I totally felt vindicated for bailing off the route.

Bill's Turn 

I tried the butt scoot method on the way back, it was a little technical and not very graceful but I made it across without wet feet.

We climbed Mad Dog on the way out and it felt so easy with all the enormous hooks and icy ledges for my feet.   If there is one good thing about dry tooling its that it makes regular ice climbing feel so much more secure.

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