Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Beginning: Getting Stuck on the Glacier

Rapheal drove Heather, Ryan, and I to Whittier (thanks little buddy). We intended to get up on the Whittier glacier and then traverse over a bunch of other glaciers and eventually pop out 50 or so miles away at Ptarmigan Lake.

We were all really psyched that it wasn't raining when we started skiing up out of Whittier. The clouds were hanging at about 1500 feet, and we were feeling optimistic.

We traveled a couple miles before the white out enveloped the glacier, its really nice up there with good visibility.
The weather eventually turned from white out, to snowy white out, and we decided to stop at about 3,100 feet, and 6 miles from Whittier on a nice bench.

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It was pretty shocking how heavy a four season tent is after I have been running around with a mega mid and single wall 2 person no frill tent. I debated hard about bringing a 3 season tent, but seeing how the 4th season for tents is winter, I'm glad we ended up bringing the red beast.

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