Friday, March 30, 2012

Crosswind Lake to Valdez

I got an 8 day stretch off and wanted to leave town. Ryan and I decided to go skiing in Valdez, but on the way we met my friend Rapheal and took a side trip out to his friends cabin on Crosswinds Lake.

The Wrangell Mountains

We all fit on Rapheal's snowmachine, its pretty huge. It was about 18 miles out from Tolsona Lakes.

Ryan, Me and Rapheal

About mid afternoon we made it back to the car and continued down to Valdez, pulling in to the pass by 5. We brought climbing gear and with the limited time decided to go for a quick ski up Sheep creek to check on conditions. Even with no sun, and little wind there was snow and rocks fallng down the routes....not to mention the enormous deposition zones. I wasn't tempted to climb, not even a little bit.

Sheep Creek Climbs
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