Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Day of the Ski Season!

I never would have believed that I would be skiing beautiful powder 4 hours after we parked on dry pavement at Sunburst Parking lot. The snow line was 1200 feet above the car. But I suspended disbelief and walked up the tundra in my ski boots.


We skinned below Sunburst and went up Taylor Pass at the end of the ridge. The snow just got better the farther up we went.


Pastoral peak was beautiful, plenty of snow up top.


The best snow of the day started about 500 feet below the summit and continued to be creamy smooth all the way back to Taylor pass. Our tracks are in the sun behind Ryan, and Pastoral Peak is directly behind him.

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This was probably the best day of early season skiing I have ever had, despite the initial approach. Skiing powder under blue skies is unbelievably fun.

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