Friday, November 26, 2010

Hiking in Hawaii: Haleakala

My whole immediate family, minus my brother Joseph and boyfriend Ryan, flew to Hawaii over the week and met up for a Hawaii Thanksgiving. It was awesome. A direct flight from anchorage to Maui only took 6 hours.

One day we decided to leave the beach and go up to Haleakala the 10,000 foot volcano. It is awesome you just drive right to the top. I read off the internet that you lose 5.5 degrees every 1,000 feet of elevation you gain, and I think it was pretty spot on. It was surprisingly cold up there, especially in the wind.

Mary Kay, Chris, Me, and Mike


Mom and Dad took Mary Kay and Chris's three young spirited children while we went on the Sliding Sands trail down into the crater, across it, and back up, in a 13 mile half loop. It was beautiful with multi colored sand, volcanic mountains, blue skies and puffy clouds.

Mary Kay and Chris Descending the Trail


Volcanic Feature That We Passed


We all thought that the coolest part of the hike was the trail at the end that ascended a ridiculously steep mountain wall up 1,400 feet, yet never exceeded a gentle 10% grade. They carved this trail into the rock and it was so nice to walk on, plus the views were pretty awesome too.

The Trail Back Up

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I am really lucky to have such a cool family, all around they are just interesting and genuinely good people that I'm proud to be related to.

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