Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Floating Down the Placer River

Some days I'm really glad I get the paper, I forget about things like taking the train or ferry as possibilities sometimes, and I saw an add about the whistle stop at Spencer Glacier. For only $32 dollars each, Raina and I caught the train near Portage and got dropped off 1.3 miles from Spencer Lake, and 1.4 miles from the start of the Placer river.

Train Tracks


After an easy hike down a wheelchair accessible path we stopped at two benches 15 feet from the lake and inflated the rafts. There were lots of beautiful icebergs floating near the shore.

Spencer Glacier Iceberg


Raina and I with Spencer Glacier in the Background


Raina on the Placer River

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There were two super fun sections of rapids, where it was like being in a rodeo, but after that it was more booze cruishish without any booze. It took us about 3.5-4 hours to float the whole thing with lots of take outs...would love to do it again on a sunny day.

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