Monday, March 23, 2009

Eklutna Canyon on Ice Steroids

One of the things that I love about ice climbing is how much the same climb continues to change throughout the season. I was shocked by how large Ripple has become since the last time I was in the Canyon. Its such a beautiful climb, I never get sick of it, and I win the rosh on it at least 98% of the time : )

Lynn Rappelling Down Ripple


The bolted anchor that Ry is rapping off in this picture is now buried under ice. The pine tree on the far left isn't even in this picture because it was so far away from the ice. Amazing.

Ripple October 31st 2008

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This pink rope had some weird juju going on. Before we even left the house we had to get a figure 8 out of the middle of the rope, from the last time we climbed. After doing ripple I found the craziest knot about 60 feet from the end of the rappel line. Then when we did Annie, there was another crazy knot, but again only in the pink rope...I hope it got what it needed to out of its system : ) because there is no way it could all be operator error!

The Naughty Pink Rope


Lynn Heading Up Annie Green Springs


Only Lynn Would Smile on a Hanging Belay

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What a great day out. I got to lead Ripple, Lynn lead Annie, and Boones. TJ Swann looked scary to even toprope, and we thought about doing Mad Dog, but were both indecisive. So we did the rosh of fate, and twice got shut down for Mad Dog, I bet the pillar would have fallen on me!

PS: I can't get pictures to post side by side, anyone remember how to do that?


KendraKrenz said...

Hi Sherrie,
You are so adventurous! Nice photos!

ginnylynnpeterson said...

That post made me laugh for so many reasons!! love the two shots of ripple....And i have been thinking about a dedication to that stupid pink rope! And not really sure why i'm smiling at a hanging belay....must have been happy my lead was over!!!! Thanks for the great memories!
ps side by side photos in blogger, difficult.....