Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Longest "Run" Ever: Crow Pass

I've wanted to run crow pass for what feels like years. Every summer I intend to do the race, then for a multitude of reasons, never do. I don't have many friends that are willing to go for jaunts like this. So when Lynn said she would be up for it, I was super psyched! I feel like these are the last days in the mountains before I switch back to skis and mountaineering boots.

I started out gung ho, but after the 4th switchback was feeling some insane burn in my calves. We weren't racing, so I didn't feel the need to push past the pain, I wanted to enjoy the sunny day. We alternated walking the steeper bits and running what we could. We got to the cabin at the top of the pass in 53 minutes, the race disqualifies you if you take longer than an hour. I was psyched that we would have made the first cut off even with walking.

Lynn Heading up to the Pass


The snow is pretty low down on the Girdwood side of the pass. It definitely slowed us down a bit, but there was no post holing mania, which I was anticipating with dread.

Beautiful White Snow


I think my favorite part of crow pass is at the top of the pass by raven glacier. The views in both directions are amazing.

Me and Lynn


The trail is kinda sloppy from Raven gorge along the mountainside till you drop down to the Eagle River. There was a lot of deep, squishy, shoe sucking mud with roots and rocks sprinkled about.

Eagle Glacier with Fall Colors

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All in all it took us one minute under 7 hours, and was thoroughly enjoyable the whole way. We were slow where we needed to be, took lots of pictures, and wrung our socks out after the river crossing. I'd like to train for it and do the race at some point in the future, but its also nice to just have a leisurely day in the this was the longest run I've ever done!

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Kellie said...

Super glad to see you guys got out and did it - I was amazed by how much snow had melted :-) Sorry for being misleading.

I bet April Bowl is ready to go - bummed I'll miss Hatcher fall, but excited to travel :-)