Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Want to Wear a Bikini When I Climb!!

Over the last week when I should be studying I have been overwhelmed with the need to organize my digital photo collection. Literally thousands of my pictures are out of place, duplicated, and disorganized. So I have been looking at pictures that I've taken over the last six years, mentally traveling back to the beaches in Thailand, the Safari in Kenya, climbing in New Zealand, and playing in South America....maybe its the fact that I won't be able to take a trip for a least another 2 years that makes me overly fond of these amazing places I've been, maybe its just that those experiences are the highlights of my life. Or maybe its because today its minus 9 outside and I just want to go outside without 2 pairs of long underwear, a the rest of my fat suit ensemble!

Bikini Climbing in Thailand


The Tan Skinny Version of Ry and I


Thai Man on Tonsai Beach

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