Thursday, November 29, 2007

Late Night Blog Inspiration

For some reason since I last posted anything in February I have slowly drawn away from my enthusiastic picture and thought sharing emailing ways. I think that instead of having a constant predictable rhythm I tend to oscillate back and forth between the extremes. I like to share, then I don't, I eat quesadillas for a month then switch to cheese noodles, I do calorie reduction programs or I buy chocolate cake.....wheres the bran muffin in between? I guess I can always blame it on those mysterious stars pulling my psychic energy out of whack....yeah thats it....its all because I'm a gemini...! I hope my sarcasm is shining through this writing because otherwise I might just be embarrassing myself. I tried to add pictures because thats really why I usually want to share, but I can't get them to upload. They need a better mass photo uploader tool for this site. But its google endorsed(owned??), so I'm sure there working on it.

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