Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Keystone Greensteps

Keystone Greensteps is the right hand climb in this picture. It is about 700 feet high, and is done in four pitches. If you look closely you will see a black blob on the climb, that is me. (photo by Lynn Peterson)

This is a picture of the whole climb, can you still see where i am at? (photo by Lynn Peterson)

This is me starting off on the first pitch. I was so excited to do this climb it only seemed fair that I won the first Rosh.

This is me leading the first pitch

Ryan leading the second pitch.

This is my victory self portrait at the top of the third steep pitch.

This is Ryan seconding the third pitch.

This is Ryan leading the fourth and last pitch

This is our brief foray into Bear Creek.

John broke through a snow bridge and lay turtled, with his skis on. As you can see no one was rushing over to help. It was quite funny and we all got some great pictures instead.

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