Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Awesome Pillar

Me, Bill, Todd and Carina went back the Awesome Valley.  From the parking lot at Victory Road, to  where we parked the snow-go was about 6 miles, then it was about a 4 mile ski up the creek to the base of the Awesome pillar.

Leaving the parking lot

The river was open in places and had a weak fluffy layer of snow over it in others.

The Adventure of the Approach

Collapsing Snow

The pillar is in HUGE this year, it seemed twice as wide as the last time I was here.  
 The Awesome Pillar

Bill Leading 

Never put a dehydrated meal in your pocket!!

Super fun day out with good people in a beautiful spot.
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Unknown said...

Where is this it looks amazing, I've climbed up this way but never heard of awesome Valley?

Unknown said...

Great pictures but where is this? I've been Climbing up this way but never heard of awesome Valley and I can't find anything on an awesome pillar. So whats the secret to finding this awesome climb?

Sherrie Soltis said...

I don't the valley has an official name, i've always accessed it by parking at Hicks creek then heading south down the matanuska river for about 8 miles, its an obvious drainage on the left. Its about a 4 mile adventure ski up the creek to get to the pillar. There are a few other worthy routes up the valley at about mile 2. Its a worthy slog, but can feel never ending. Let me know if you find it! Coordinates to the valley are N61'45.835' W148'08.999